Integrity as owners

Integrity as owners

Chr. Augustinus Fabrikker strives to make a positive difference through responsible ownership and investments. We are committed to invest in sound business models in order to contribute to long-term success and extraordinary results.

We believe the right composition of management and Board of Directors is essential for the company’s development. In our investments, we value maintaining a close dialogue with the chairmanship and day-to-day management so that together we can create the optimal framework for the company.


Chr. Augustinus Fabrikker generally has a positive stance on the current Recommendations on Corporate Governance by the Danish Committee on Corporate Governance, and it is our desire that the entities we own take an active stance towards the guidelines and follow the recommendations that have relevance for the entities.


Chr. Augustinus Fabrikker believes that every business model must embody a high degree of corporate social responsibility. Therefore, we expect that the businesses we own incorporate a reasonable sustainability policy into their strategies. We believe that Chr. Augustinus Fabrikker contributes to a positive development in society by investing in sound and responsible business models. In the same way, it is crucial for us that the companies in which we invest follow a responsible ESG-policy and addresses the relevant SDGs with respect for sustainability, climate and human rights. It is our desire that these companies pursue a strategy based on making a positive social difference in the countries and areas in which they operate.