Chr. Augustinus Fabrikker is an investment company with extensive interests in Danish business community. As part of a strategy to be a long-term, committed and value-adding owner, the company’s portfolio comprises considerable ownership in successful and iconic Danish businesses such as Tivoli, Jeudan, Royal Unibrew, STG, the furniture companies Fritz Hansen and GUBI as well as Gyldendal.

With a balance of more than DKK 30 billion, Chr. Augustinus Fabrikker is a substantial party in the Danish business society. The company works purposefully on a strategy to actively reinvest a large part of the financial returns in promising Danish companies. Chr. Augustinus Fabrikker is a subsidiary of the Augustinus Foundation, which is among the largest cultural foundations in Denmark. The industrial heritage stems from being Denmark’s first tobacco spinning mill founded in 1750 in Copenhagen.

Chr. Augustinus Fabrikker is dedicated and engaged owners but respect the difference between ownership and day-to-day management. We contribute with a loyal dialogue and commitment but refrain from interfering in management of the businesses.

It is our belief that Chr. Augustinus Fabrikker’s long-term investment profile contributes to creating additional value and stability for the benefit of both Danish businesses and society. Through our ownership we aim to create and maintain jobs as well as competencies in Denmark.

Chr. Augustinus Fabrikker is the parent company of the Augustinus Group and is owned by the Augustinus Foundation. It is the Group’s investment return which facilitates the significant non-profit cultural, social and research-related pursuits of the Foundation.