Long-term ownership creates value

Long-term ownership creates value

Chr. Augustinus Fabrikker is a subsidiary to Augustinus Foundation with a core focus on dedicated ownership of Danish businesses.

Our history dates back to 1750, when the Augustinus family founded a tobacco mill in Copenhagen, which developed into one of the leading companies in Denmark. The focus on long-term value creation is based on this tradition. Our commitment to the Danish business society and the success the family, and later Chr. Augustinus Fabrikker, has achieved is established through dedicated ownership of Danish businesses in various industries.

We are dedicated and engaged owners, but respect the difference between ownership and management. We contribute with a loyal dialogue and commitment, but refrain from interfering in management of the businesses.

It is our belief that Chr. Augustinus Fabrikker’s long-term investment profile contributes to creating additional value for the benefit of both Danish businesses and society. Through our ownership we aim to create and maintain jobs as well as competencies in Denmark.

We have built close relationships with a large number of businesses for many years. As evidenced by our long-term commitment, we are patient owners. We understand and support that investments may drive additional costs in the short-term, for the benefits of the company in the long run.

Future proofing companies and society ranks high on Chr. Augustinus Fabrikker’s agenda. We are in continuous dialogue with our companies to ensure that they have a sustainable strategy. Our approach to ESG is in line with our philosophy of trust and responsibility, and in addition to contributing positively to society financially, we also ensure the competitiveness of companies in the long term. We do not think business should be conducted without responsible ESG behavior.

We are dedicated and engaged owners, but respect that ownership and day-to-day management are two different disciplines.